Remember to Remember

If the user finds a particular calculation's results valuable, it would be nice if the app possessed the ability to save them, or more specifically, save the particular set of inputs from which those results originated. This could be as simple as a screenshot of the Results Menu, either taken by the user, or as »»»

Walking (Not Talking)

Part One. The movement animation, for the instances of Denizen which roam the beach, should start and stop seamlessly, in response both to changes in the instance's internal instructions and also to the player's interactions. When trying to devise a best practices approach, I tried to cull as much as possible, or as was appropriate, »»»

Preferred Area

Once the Denizens populate the beach and dot the landscape, they'll undoubtedly need something to do. It would seem that the most obvious behavior a beachgoer might exhibit is that of moving about; they'd wander here and there, up and down the shoreline, and in some further, more exciting, but as-of-yet undetermined way, interact with »»»

Math in the Daytime

Note: The public struct GameTime has a .currentMinute and .currentHour which can be used by any other class. public struct GameTime { static var currentHour: Int { return NSDate().hour } static var currentMinute: Int { return NSDate().minute } The Class. SkyBackground will handle the visual display of the sky as an SKSpriteNode with an SKTexture. The texture will »»»

Deep Background(s)

Lightening Up. In the real world, as the sun rises and sets, the sky does not uniformly change color and brightness along with it. Instead, it tracks a wide range of colors and shades, from the full(ish) blue of day to the deep black of night. It would be quite tedious, if not exceedingly »»»